Legal advice/legal framework/research

The DIJuF offers free written and telephone based legal advice on issues arising in connection to the work of youth welfare offices, which is provided by experts with in-depth academic knowledge and practical experience.

The written legal advice given takes the form of a legal opinion and not legal representation.

The DIJuF's unbiased legal opinions (so called „DIJuF-Rechtsgutachten”) are designed to assist in ensuring consistency in the youth welfare offices' application of the law as well as increase legal certainty. The monthly professional journal „DAS JUGENDAMT” („The youth welfare office”) publishes a selection of the DIJuF's legal opinions.

In addition, the DIJuF offers advice and support to the youth welfare offices during legal proceedings. This includes assistance in the drafting of written pleadings, preliminary assessments of the chances of success as well as tactical advice on the appropriate course of action during legal proceedings.