European platform for access to personal and family rights (EPAPFR)

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2nd October 2017 to 1st March 2021

contact: Isabelle Jäger-Maillet   (


The European platform for access to family right in Europe aims to help any person confronted to difficulties related to private international law of the family in Europe (EU) by encouraging coordination and collaboration of legal, medical and social system on State members’ territory, whether it is associative or institutional.

This project is part of European Union Justice program, established for the period 2014-2020. The Justice program finances actions having an european added value, which contributes to the continuation of a European area justice establishment.

The project EPAPFR supports the implementation of European instruments for private international law of the family, particularly the directive 2008/52/EC from May 21st 2008 on specific aspects on civil and commercial matter, the rule Brussels II bis from November 27th 2003 on matrimonial and parental responsibility matter, the Hague Convention from October 19th 1996 on parental responsibility and children protection matter, and the rule Rome III from December 20th 2010 establishing a reinforced collaboration on matters concerning law applicable to divorce and to judicial separation.

The project regroups several partners through Europe:

  • The private international law research center of University Lyon 3 (EDIEC),
  • The belgian association for the right of foreigners (ADDE),
  • The international social service in Bulgaria (SSI),
  • University of Liège,
  • The German institute for youth protection and family law in Germany (DIJUF),
  • The Faculty of Law of the University of Verona,
  • The organization International Legal information for Women (FIJI), project initiator

The project consists on putting in contact services for access to laws specialized in private international law, taking action in line with the beneficiary in order to facilitate the access to the justice in this field, to promote the training of professionals, to promote the beneficiary informations, to encourage experience and knowledge sharing between state and field actor from the different Member States.

Survey concerning the application of European family law instruments:

During the second phase of the EPAPFR-project, the difficulties practitioners and citizens encounter in the field of international family law shall be analysed. Please find below a full version of the questionnaire prepared by the project partners and a partial version regarding maintenance obligations.